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Watch Kevin Live Life on the Edge!

Posted on by adam.contant

Recently, our own Kevin Oschefski promised to participate in the CN Tower Edgewalk if he could raise $10,000 towards Special Olympics.  Well, thanks to your generous donations, he more than met his goal which meant he had to make good on his promise!  Check out the video below to see Kevin’s journey!

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EXCLUSIVE: The Script – An Advance Stream

Posted on by joel.smith

The Script’s fourth album, No Sound Without Silence, is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders and channeling the momentum of their last, rocket-powered campaign. The trio of songwriters had so many ideas while touring last year, they were busting out of the specially built mobile recording studio they’d taken with them on the tour bus. They finished touring #3 at the end of last year, took a scant couple of weeks off, then quickly re-entered their studios in London and Dublin to begin work on the highly anticipated No Sound Without Silence.

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POLL: What are the election issues that are most important to you

Posted on by richard.coffin

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Videos To Get You Through Monday

Posted on by Bergie

Well, it’s another Monday. Here are some videos to burn away some work time (if anyone asks just say you’re using them to reinvigorate yourself so you can work harder)! Anyway…
Let’s Waste Some Time!

Sure they’re toddlers, but I’ve seen arguments about even dumber subjects result in violence and name calling in the offices I’ve worked in!

Even when they fight they’re adorable! Plus they kinda sound like weak car horn!

Wow the resolution on the new iPad screen is ridiculous it can trick dogs! Mind you i can trick my dog by fake throwing a ball, so maybe its not that hard.

She found that magic number of drinks it takes for the worlds axis to get all weird. I hate when that happens!
So we’ve got a dog video, people falling down and weird animals fighting.. might as well cap this off with baby’s laughing! Save it for maybe near the end of the day when you need a boost.


There’s 4 more! GIMME GIMME

POLL Results: What you would like the make up of the new council to be?

Posted on by richard.coffin

City hall1If the results of our informal, online survey are any indication, it could be a rough ride for incumbent councillors in North Bay on election night. We wanted to know what you would like the make-up of the next council to be, with all 10 incumbents and 13 challengers seeking your vote.

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Getting ready to walk the edge for Special Olympics with help from some St Hubert students

Posted on by richard.coffin

st hubertStudents at St. Hubert are helping KiSS 100.5 morning show co-host Kevin Oschefski get ready to walk the edge, literally. The CN Tower Edge Walk event goes Saturday, after they reached the fundraising goal of $10,000 for Special Olympics.

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Cecile had a feeling this was the BIG ONE….

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Cecile had a feeling that today was the “big one” for KiSS Cash. Was it???
Click here to listen.

New Red Laces campaign launched by Special Olympics Ontario and North Bay Police

Posted on by matthew.sookram

Red laces launch Over 400 athletes will be in North Bay at the end of January, as the city hosts the Special Olympics Ontario Winter Games. In support of the games, officials have come out with a Red Laces campaign. The laces have the Special Olympics Ontario logo on them. Individuals and businesses can order the laces on line and then sell them to friends or colleagues for a donation towards the games.

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New music on KiSS

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Great new tune from Lights … and she used to live in Callander! ~Kevin

Dr. Cabbie Opens In Theatres This Weekend!

Posted on by Ryan The Promo Guy


Need a doctor? Call a cab!

Dr. Cabbie hits theatres this weekend starring Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), and Vinay Virmani!

Check out the trailer…

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