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Join the KiSS Summer Street Team!

Posted on by kelsey.richard

KISS-Street-Team-2015-621x309Read the Rest of the Entry

Star Wars Trailer

Posted on by Big Mike

Britney calls fan a word we can’t write here! :)

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

A fan yelled out an insult at Brit during one of her Vegas shows. Without missing a beat she let him know what she thought of his remark. At least we know she really does turn her mic on during her shows! #nolipsync

The Russian Army Sing “Barbie Girl”

Posted on by Big Mike

This Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Robin Williams Also Does INCREDIBLE Impressions Of Him

Posted on by Big Mike

Wow! He could be Robin’s son!!

Runner prematurely celebrates win, gets passed at finish line

Posted on by Big Mike


Jays Home Opener Song

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Here’s the song we played this morning to get you ready for tonight’s Jays home opener on Sportsnet!

Drive Thru Food Prank

Posted on by Big Mike

A Little Fast and a Little Furious

Posted on by Big Mike

See When The Camera Fell From 3000 Metres

Posted on by Big Mike

This might make you a bit dizzy

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