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Friendly Bear

Posted on by Big Mike

A Guy’s Understanding of Women’s Underwear

Posted on by Big Mike

5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

Posted on by Big Mike

Dad Daughter Dance

Posted on by Big Mike

I think this is amazing!!

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The Wiggles are coming to North Bay!

Posted on by richard.coffin

The WigglesThey’re billed as the world’s most popular children’s entertainment act, and they’re coming to North Bay.

The Wiggles will take to the stage at the Capitol Centre Tuesday September 15th.

It’s actually the opening date of the Canadian leg of the “Rock and Roll Preschool” tour in support of their new CD and DVD, of the same name.

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It’s a real life hoverboard!

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

How To Annoy Your Girlfriend While Shopping

Posted on by Big Mike

Finally a reason to look forward to doing groceries with my wife!

The Long National Nightmare Is Over!

Posted on by Big Mike

A final goodbye to David Letterman :(

100 Years of Beauty: Aging | Cut Has A Field Day

Posted on by Big Mike

Well, THAT got surprisingly emotional…

Tswift Does Her Own Stunts!

Posted on by Bergie

And this is why she shouldn’t!
er new video Bad Blood was released a few days backed (and it was totally bad@$$ check it out here). Apparently during the shoot, not everything went exactly to plan. Especially the part where the stunt team rag-dolled her through a wall.

Ouch right!
Luckily they got it right a little later
When-Taylor-Breaks-Through-Wall-Like-Aint-ThangRead the Rest of the Entry

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