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History of Duets with Kelly Clarkson

Posted on by Big Mike

I have no idea why she’s having so much trouble finding people to sing with!


Posted on by Big Mike


A message for the Anti-Vaxxers

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to pull no punches. ~Kevin

Congratulations Jessie Stiller!

Posted on by kelsey.richard

Jessie was the winner of two tickets to see Ed Sheeran in concert at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa on June 3rd. She has also won a $250 pre-paid Visa card from Xtra Cash! 

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The greatest llama chase of the 21st Century

Posted on by Big Mike

I kid you not…this REALLY happened! I guess nobody had a tranq gun? Listen to all the great llama info that the announcer had during the segment…

New FROZEN movie trailer!

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

My daughters will be so excited! ~Kevin

Kids Stuck In Claw Machine

Posted on by Big Mike

I’d consider this a slight parenting fail, what about you?

New music on KiSS

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Wheel of Musical Impressions with Christina Aguilera

Posted on by Big Mike

Abby and Sarah – I’m Yours (The Jason Mraz song)

Posted on by Big Mike

Hey! No auto-tune!!

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