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Cecil’s officially opens their microbrewery

Posted on by matthew.sookram

cecil's Five quality craft beers are now available right from the tank to the tap at Cecil’s.

Cecil’s restaurant has officially opened as a microbrewery today (Thursday) and Brew master Brian Watson says they have made beers that appeal to this market.

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A Videobomb Master!

Posted on by Bergie

Tom Cruise Lip Sync Battle

Posted on by Bergie

Crosswind difficulties

Posted on by Big Mike

How would you like to be a passenger on one of these flights?!! I’ll take a road trip any day of the week, thank you!

Kristen Bell reprises Frozen Role

Posted on by Big Mike

You may have heard that Kristen Bell left a voicemail as Anna from Frozen for a young fan with a brain tumour. Here’s the video of the young girl’s reaction.

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Not your average proposal.

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Couples describe each other to a police sketch artist.

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Bear and bear cub spotted in Airport Hill area

Posted on by richard.coffin

black bear(File photo) An advisory for residents in the Airport Hill area.

Callers reporting a bear and a bear cub were spotted this morning (Wednesday) in the Surrey and Wallace Heights area.

City police have previously said for non-emergencies, residents should contact the Bear Wise line.

They also say only call 911 if a bear poses an immediate threat to personal safety.

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Corey Feldman rocks!!!

Posted on by kevin.oschefski

Okay, the headline may have been overselling it a bit.

2 Year Old is the Youngest Rubik’s Cube Solver

Posted on by Big Mike

Seriously?!!! My kid needs to step up her cube game!

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